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Farmer's Daughter Hotel

Farmer's Daughter Hotel

115 S. Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA US 90036 Map It


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  • Very accomondating!


    Family daughter hotel is a los angles hotel with a slight country flair...including the hospitality! very clean and quiet! staff was friendly and very helpful, regardless of the shift. ...

    Family Daughter Hotel is a Los Angles Hotel with a slight country flair...including the hospitality! Very clean and quiet! Staff was friendly and very helpful, regardless of the shift. Even the grounds personnel were very polite! Did not dine there but there were always a lot of people seeming to enjoy the food and drinks. Great location as well. Will defiantly go back when I visit. Even my daughter, who I was visiting and lives in the area, was impressed!

  • Renovated No-Tell Motel


    Farmer's daughter hotel is actually a drive-up strip motel from probably the 50's or 60's that has been cleverly renovated into a trendy hotel wannabe. most ...

    Farmer's Daughter Hotel is actually a drive-up strip motel from probably the 50's or 60's that has been cleverly renovated into a trendy hotel wannabe. Most of the parking lot has been closed off and made into a nice courtyard with a restaurant and the lobby has an open, airy feel. There's a 65% country motif running through the place. I say 65% because there are country accents to *suggest* country cool like plank floors, country wallpaper/stickers, country-aged-looking room furniture, and woven brass bucket inlay on the (slow) elevator, but it's not carried through to the poorly patched and painted walls in the rooms and halls, sink and fixtures, etc. They only themed about 65% of the place. It's like Magic Mountain theming compared to Disneyland. There are actually two parts to the hotel. The 100 series rooms are detached from the main building, and I don't recommend them. The 200 and 300's are part of the main building, this is where I was, and any of them would probably be fine, except for two in this area. DO NOT GET ROOMS 200 or 300. Those rooms are immediately adjacent to the elevator - not near, but the door to the room and the elevator are literally adjacent at right angles. These would be a very noisy room to get and you would be a sad traveler. I really liked that the floors were wood. Carpet in hotels is gross. Who knows what's in it? I'm always wondering. Even when it looks clean, it's teeming with bacteria. This is the first hotel I've been in where it's ALL wood, even in the bathroom. A brave and charming choice. I also liked that the ceiling had decorative tiles on it. I really liked the older late-night check in guy and the late night valet. The late night check in guy was personable and fit the "country" part well. The day crew? Not so much. Daytime waits at the counter the three times I interacted were longer than necessary, and every time there was someone ahead of me with a billing or room problem. That's not a good sign. I really liked the proximity to The Grove across the street. Do not, however, eat at Marmalade Restaurant there. It was recommended to me, but I had a terrible, expensive Chicken Parmesian that gave me food poisoning. Just go to the Cheesecake Factory there - it's cheaper, and safer. The movie theatre in The Grove is very nice, too. I liked the queen bed. It was pretty firm, and I can see where people may not like the firmness, but the bedding was copious and layers could be adjusted to my liking. There were also plenty of pillows. I liked the TV and DVD combo. Was a 26 or 32" LCD with a recent DVD player. Channel selection was good. I didn't like the cooling unit in the room. It was pretty loud. It didn't keep me up, but I was aware of it at various times during the night. I didn't like the shower head. It was very adjustable, and looked cool, but I learned too late the first day that it leaked (a stream!) at one of the joints and had soaked my towel on the rack as I showered. I exited the shower to a wet bath towel. No help at all. The water, however, could be made to be VERY hot. Great if you like hot showers. I didn't like the sink and sink fixtures. Very 60's motel-y (fiberglass?). It should have been updated with a country-style pedestal or something. This was a major area the theming fell down. I didn't like the paint job. No masking, painted over metal fixtures, and bad paint matching at corners. Made the place look cheap/seedy when you looked closely. It "broke" the theme. I didn't like the door to the room. There was no stop on the hinge, so when you opened it, it would BANG the side of the sink if you didn't catch it because there was nothing to stop it. I DID NOT like the free Internet It's capped at 512kb/sec. That's a whopping 8x dial-up speed. If you want more, you have to pay to get to 3000kb/sec. In and out parking is $19 and change per day now. Overall, I would say if you're paying 40% of the rack rate on this place, it's about right. If they would finish the theming, I would give it a stronger recommendation. But as it is, it's a half-hearted theming attempt with too many corners cut to be super-enthusiastic about it.

  • Farmer's Daughter, Los Angeles


    The overall experience was terrible. clogged sink and bathtub, phone did not work. the bed was horribe and i did not sleep all night. front desk was not able to ...

    The overall experience was terrible. Clogged sink and bathtub, phone did not work. The bed was horribe and I did not sleep all night. Front desk was not able to resolve any problems. I asked for a packet of decaf coffee to make in my room since a coffee pot was provided and they told me they didn't know where to find the coffee. Parking charge is $17.00. When you pay $** for a room you expect more than what I experienced. I would never recommend staying at this place. This is the first bad review I have ever given a hotel.

  • Neat Place & Great Price


    This is a neat little place with a terrific location. it's across the steet from the farmers market and grove mall as well as cbs. they have redone what ...

    This is a neat little place with a terrific location. It's across the steet from the Farmers Market and Grove Mall as well as CBS. They have redone what was once an average motel into a quaint, country-themed inn right out of " Green Acres"! The rooms are small but efficient and very clean. The restaurant "Tart" is excellent for breakfast. The best news is that the price is very reasonable for this area. My wife and I recommend it highly.

  • Farmer's Daughter Motel or American Girl Place


    This hotel is idea for individuals on quick one day stay. we are a family of four and it did not offer the comfort level for families that we are ...

    This hotel is idea for individuals on quick one day stay. We are a family of four and it did not offer the comfort level for families that we are used to. There is a restaurant on the ground level yet they did not offer room service, even though they own the restaurant. Made no sense to us. Location is the best thing this hotel has to offer. It is in walking distance to American Girl Place, which was were we were going, and the famous historical Farmer's Market. Now that place was really interesting and filled with exotic and tasty foods. CBS Studios is across the street and it is not far from movie star homes. Be ware of the $14 a day parking fee and 24% city and hotel taxes, it can make a moderately priced room become quite expensive. The beds are small, great for two kids sharing but for parents on a double bed, it is quite tight. Also bring slippers because there is no carpet (lino through) and very cheap furniture. Our bathtub paint was chipped and the NOISE was unbearable!!!! Between the street traffic and the bathroom fan and heater; I nearly lost my hearing. If you are light sleeper, cross this place off your list, you'll be dead to the world in the morning.
    The Valet and Front Desk people were nice and pleasant to speak with, it's just the facility that needs a little bite less country and more city comforts. Perhaps they'll consider a new fan that doesn't sound like a take off launch for NASA every time someone turns the light on.

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