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Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana - All Inclusive

Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana - All Inclusive

Carretare Cabeza de Toro
Punta Cana, DO 00000 Map It


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  • The hotel staff treated us like family....


    The staff at the dreams palm beach punta cana go above and beyond to ensure your trip is "excellente"! they are friendly, attentive and extremely pleasant. this was my second ...

    The staff at the Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana go above and beyond to ensure your trip is "excellente"! They are friendly, attentive and extremely pleasant. This was my second trip to this resort and I it was even better than my first stay. Since my last visit in 2010 - the food has improved, there were updates to accommodations (beach beds in preferred areas) and as hard as it was for me to believe, the service was even better this time. The grounds are immaculate, the dining options are more than sufficient, there is plenty to do throughout the day and night regardless of your age or interests.....I don't have a negative thing to say about this place and highly recommend it if you're looking to unwind and relax without being bored. I suggest upgraded to the preferred members area if you are traveling without kids and not looking to party. Also, they have a Seaside Grill that is outdoors (with a roof) and overlooks the ocean for breakfast, lunch & dinner but only preferred members can be served breakfast and lunch. This perk alone is well worth the upgrade.

  • Beautifully maintained grounds and very friendly staff


    Dreams palm beach is mid-class resort. i found it to be a good value for the money. we stayed nov 22nd through nov25th. the resort is very lovely, the ...

    Dreams Palm Beach is mid-class resort. I found it to be a good value for the money. We stayed Nov 22nd through Nov25th. The resort is very lovely, the beach is nice & the staff friendly. Your check-in welcome includes a cool towel and glass of chilled champagne, which was a nice touch. The rooms are large enough, but not luxurious and neither are the bathrooms. No tub in our room and the design of the shower spews water all over the floor. The entertainment is fun, even if kind of cheesy - that's okay, just go with it and you'll enjoy! The Tennis Pro, Joan, was great - we really enjoyed our private lesson with him. Our room had major plumbing issues which were never resolved. Upon our 3rd request for maintenance, we asked for another room and they accomodated us right away. However, we shouldn't have had to ask - they should be more proactive in making things right! A couple of hours later, we noticed they had already checked new guests into that room. No way was the plumbing issue fixed!! :( The coffee shop had terrific coffees, lattes, etc and a great selection of pastries - all very good. The rest of the restaurants were marginal at best. You won't gain any weight while there. The drinks were plentiful, and of course free, but you won't get a buzz either as the alcohol was watered down. If you're a beer drinker, you'll have better luck. The pools were very nice, large and clean. Plenty of chairs at pools and beach side. Disco and Casino were small and not very "happening", but we did manage to win a little $$ and do a little dancing and enjoyed it. Overall, I would recommend the place if you're looking for a long weekend without going broke. I don't need 5 star luxury to have a good time and if you're a easy traveller with penchant for fun, you'll have a great time here as well.

  • Mold/Sewer smell, bad service


    Me and my husband went to this resort on november '12 and we returned with bad experience. we set our expectations based on the barcelo bavaro palace deluxe resort, which ...

    Me and my husband went to this resort on November '12 and we returned with bad experience. We set our expectations based on the Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe Resort, which is actually less expensive and is ranked lower then the Dreams resorts. Based on this one, we can openly say that Barcelo is an average resort and to say that Dreams Plam Beach it took as 7 days. Here are the reasons. The room smelled like mold, we could not sleep at all. We changed the room, but the other one smelled like mold too but not as strong as the first one. The whole reception area, bar and building where we were staying at smelled like sewer. We were holding up our breath every time we passed by these areas or were going to the room. We learned that this resort is the oldest one in the Dreams chain of resorts, but the newest one add (just 9 months ago). Dreams basically gets paid by unknown/no name resorts to join in and became part of the Dreams chain of resorts. Because this one was added 9 mons ago, this means do not expect the same luxury that goes with the Dreams/Now/Secrets resorts. They are still not there yet.. maybe in 2 yrs. I will never go back to this place ever and will think twice before going to other resorts part of the same chain. The room where we stayed in looked nice, but was not cleaned up to the standard. The bathroom/shower looked like was not cleaned for weeks. The service and staff are not polite and are expecting tips every time they serve you. Even if you tip them they do not change the attitude or step up for the service. You will end up asking why you tipped them in first place. But, once you tip them, they will remember you and look for you every time you enter the area they work in. Usually their work rotates each day, so you may see then in different restaurants every day... so you may think that you can skip them - you will not - they will find you, approach you, act like they are your best friends and have not seen you in long time and start serving you to get another tip. I understand that this is the way how they can only make money (their monthly income is really bad), but after a while you feel like you are stocked. The drinks they serve are often watered down. If you ask for a specific liquor/cocktail that needs to be maid with a known brand liquor, I advise you to make sure that you watch them how they pour it/make it (applies to the open bars). On multiple occasions I needed to go back to the bar asking for a new one because the drink was watered down or made with cheep (read local/generic) alcohol. Do not go to the Mexican restaurant. The food is so bad, it smalls like ZOO (not kidding), the meat that they serve it's smells like old meat. We left immediately once we tried it. The buffet has almost no more then 10 choices of food selection. After 2 days, this choice will looks like they have nothing to offer for you to eat. the buffet is huge, but the food selection is the same on both sides (left/right), so when you go there for the first time it looks like the choices are huge. The only restaurant that you will get good food in is the Japanese and the Italian restaurants. The day/night entertainment program is almost not present. They have 5-people entertainer team that organizes the day/night entertainment. It looks and feel horrible and almost desperate to make people have some fun there. Only one night we saw a good show because they brought entertainment team (dancing group) of 10 people from outside.. but that was about it. They had karaoke nights 3 times during 7 days... no entertainment. All summed up: bad smell, bad food selection, bad alcohol, no party and bad service.. bad experience.

  • Nice


    Went to punta cana about ten months ago to now larimar. now larimar is a bit nicer and the entertainment staff was more involved, but dreams was up there. would ...

    Went to Punta Cana about ten months ago to Now Larimar. Now Larimar is a bit nicer and the entertainment staff was more involved, but Dreams was up there. Would visit Dreams again. Staff gets strong points for the most part, but a few minor requests for items at the front desk had no results.

  • excellent place to getaway


    My wife and i went there to have a great time and sure we did.not to mention the food that was off the chain then we met yessica a ...

    my wife and i went there to have a great time and sure we did.not to mention the food that was off the chain then we met Yessica a waitress who work in the world cafe she was so kind and friendly and then at the coco cafe we met ROSA and jose who were outstanding not to mention the entertainment crew which put on a fabulous show all the staff where very friendly we are bound to head back there very soon.

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