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Venetian Resort Hotel Casino

Venetian Resort Hotel Casino

3355 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV US 89109 Map It


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  • Excellent hotel, every detail top notch.


    This is my second stay at the venetian. whenever i am in vegas i would not consider any other hotel. venetian is tops, great service, great staff, would recommend the ...

    This is my second stay at the Venetian. Whenever I am in Vegas I would not consider any other hotel. Venetian is tops, great service, great staff, would recommend the pickest traveler to stay at this hotel - and bet they would be impressed.

  • Never again!


    I have to say that we were very impressed with the venetian to start. the room was wonderful. the beds were comfy. the bathroom was very nice. but.... the last ...

    I have to say that we were very impressed with the Venetian to start. The room was wonderful. The beds were comfy. The bathroom was very nice. But.... the last night we were there we came back to our room and found a strange beer sitting above the mini-bar. It did not belong to us. I checked the mini-bar and I didn’t see any missing. We were a little nervous about this, so I called the front desk. They sent security right up and also said they would send up a new set of keys. Security came up and checked around and asked us if we had invited anyone to our room or given our keys to anyone. No we did not. He left and came back a few minutes later saying the mystery was solved. The person that checked the mini-bar had accidently left it there and that it was missing off of the inventory. We were satisfied with that. We checked out the next morning. As we were driving home on Sunday I remembered that I had left a bag of books from the Math conference on the bench at valet. We had already driven 1 hour out of town. I called and they had it. I asked if they would ship it to me. I offered to pay for it. They said they would not. I had to drive back and pick it up. As I went in search for it one of the valet persons said that they would have shipped it to me UPS. Why didn’t they say that to me when I called? My friend called the next morning. She said that her sleeping shorts had slimy wet stuff on them when she took them out of her suitcase. Her husband said it looked like some guy had .............. in them. Before we left the room each time we locked our suitcases, but her shorts were in the front pocket with nothing else. I have written to Guest relations and got a reply saying they were sorry and that I could file a report and that security would call me. They called to tell me that they did an investigation and the minibar guy said he didn't do anything. Really? Would you admit to that. I hope that someone doesn’t walk in on this guy as he is doing this. I wanted to love the Venetian because I wanted to bring my husband there some day. The Venetian needs to seriously check to see who entered our room and see if this an ongoing problem.

  • Hotel was beautiful but very confusing to navigate.


    Too many elevators just to get to your room. it took 10 minutes to get from the room to the lobby. we stayed for 3 days are were lost most ...

    Too many elevators just to get to your room. It took 10 minutes to get from the room to the lobby. We stayed for 3 days are were lost most of the time. Also no coffee maker!!!! Had to go to Walgreens each morning for coffee or pay 20.00 a pot at the hotel.

  • Really gone downhill since my last visit


    I just returned from a four-day stay at the venetian and was shocked by how much the hotel had gone downhill since i was last there in 2008. back ...

    I just returned from a four-day stay at the Venetian and was shocked by how much the hotel had gone downhill since I was last there in 2008. Back in 2008, I was extremely impressed by the hotel’s fast, customer-friendly service, spotless hotel rooms and high quality amenities. I wrote glowing reviews about it on this site. But all of that has changed. First, the dirt in the rooms was shocking. There were crumbs on the chairs, dirt on the carpets in the closet and around the tables as if it had not been vacuumed in weeks – or possibly months. There were missing knobs on the mirrors in the bathroom, and some of the towels were grayish instead of white as if they had either not been washed – or washed one too many times. When I requested a different room – one that had been cleaned in the last week or so – I was shown a different one that was only marginally better. The towels in this room were white, although they had stains on them. There was still quite a bit of dirt on the carpets, fixtures were missing, – and – worst of all – there were hairs on the sheets on the bed. I then asked the maid in the hallway if she could give me new sheets, and she did. So, if you’re looking for clean hotel rooms, this is not the hotel for you. Second, if you need to call customer service from your room – be prepared to wait on music hold for 15 to 20 minutes – and then wait for up to an hour after that for them to come and fix whatever needs fixing. The safe in my room had a technical glitch that didn’t allow it to lock and close – and it took three calls and 90 minutes for them to finally come and fix it. (Fixing it took 30 seconds once they got there). The person on the phone was quite friendly and polite – but it didn’t excuse the fact that it took so many calls and time to get the problem fixed. Third, the Venetian used to have a separate customer service desk/check-in/check-out for people in the Venezia tower. That has now been shut down. This means everybody – from both towers – must now wait in a long cattle line at the front desk if they need anything. And that means long wait times. Even things as simple as toilet paper and Kleenex in the rooms have been downgraded to cheap, almost transparent paper that’s mind-boggling thin. I still like the general setup of the rooms, with the large powder room and three flat-screen TVs. But the dirt and broken fixtures certainly take away from it. Oh – and they also slap a $19-a-night “resort fee” on top of your hotel rate. This fee is to cover the use of their fitness club and internet service, even if you never use them. You no longer have an option – the fee is just added on. As I mentioned at the start of my review – I was a huge fan of the Venetian when I stayed there in 2008. I came home and told everybody I knew how great it was. I thought the quality and service were second-to-none. But I sadly discovered over the past week that this is no longer the case and I will now be warning people – rather than recommending – this hotel to everyone I possibly can. I understand the recession hit Las Vegas hard, and hotel owners had to cut costs. But when you start cutting back on the quality of the rooms that made the hotel a five-star resort in the first place, you’re going to lose a lot of customers. Sorry, but a five-star hotel should not have hairs on the sheets, dirty towels, ultra-thin toilet paper, and 20-minute waits to call for service. That’s a one-star or two-star at most. I won’t be staying there again.

  • This hotel ruined my vacation


    First of all, i've booked this hotel with strip view and we got only partial strip view. that we can somewhat tolerate. second morning, we were tired to go ...

    First of all, I've booked this hotel with strip view and we got only partial strip view. That we can somewhat tolerate. Second morning, we were tired to go down and get breakfast, so ordered room service. They said it will take 30 to 45 min. to be delivered. Figure hotel this big, must be lots of order, so we said OK. 30 min passed and 45 min. passed. After one hour, I called room service to find out that they don't have our order! We are so hungry by now, so we had to place order AGAIN. And that took them another 30 min to bring them up. Then we got drinks, but they forgot to put our food in the cart. Another 15 min wait. They were gonna charge me 50% of the bill, I said you got to be kidding! And after I complained they did not charge for breakfast. Another day passed and this time they didn't make our beds!!! What is going on with this hotel. All the dirty towels are on the floor where should be, but there were NO NEW TOWELS. I had to call house keeping. Hotel this big(in price also) what a terrible service. Even after what I told happened to the front desk at the time of check out, there were NO DISCOUNT WHAT'S SO EVER!!!! I definitely will not recommend this hotel to ANYONE. I certainly will never put my foot in this hotel ever!!!!!!!

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