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Flamingo Las Vegas

Flamingo Las Vegas

3555 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV US 89109 Map It


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  • Great location. Strip view. Very nice amenities.


    My daughter visits vegas a few times a year. she recommended the flamingo as a great location, which it was. our strip view included a view of the bellagio fountain ...

    My daughter visits Vegas a few times a year. She recommended the Flamingo as a great location, which it was. Our strip view included a view of the Bellagio fountain displays, Caesar's Palace, etc. Margaritaville is attached on the north end, a great place to sit a people watch with grear food and drink. Flamingo is being remodeled, kind of kitchy but very nice. Flat screen tv's, tv in the mirror of the bathroom, drapes that are motor driven. Very helpful staff. It worked for us.

  • Disappointing!!


    We stayed at the flamingo from 4/8/12 to 4/13/12. this was the last of many previous stays at this hotel. originally we enjoyed staying at the ...

    We stayed at the Flamingo from 4/8/12 to 4/13/12. This was the last of many previous stays at this hotel. Originally we enjoyed staying at the resort that started Las Vegas. Service and the room before were always good or better than you usually receive on the strip. This time, however, not even close. Check-in lines were excessive, with minimal staff at the desk and no one indicating that the kiosks for those already with a reservation were readily available. Once we finally figured this out on our own, we were able to check in. We stayed in a "luxury Go room". Luxury was hardly a word to describe the room. No bathtub, lightbulbs out, speakers for surround sound system looked like they had coffee poured in them, or had caught on fire.....didn't even attempt to try them. Walls are paper thin, so you hear more about your neighbors than you choose to know. Housekeeping staff shoddy at best. Three days in a row we had to beg for coffee for the room. The first day, after much discussion, one of the ladies provided us some off of her cart. The second day, we called guest services to request coffee at 7:50pm. We were told some would be right up. After waiting 45 min. we went to the desk and were shuffled from bell captain to front desk manager. Manager ensured us that coffee would be sent to our room by the time we returned from dinner....also comped our internet fees from our stay so far as compensation. We returned to our room at 10:45pm, still no coffee. We called again, and were told no request was on record for our room. Again assured coffee would be "right up", and finally arrived at 11:30pm. Next day, AGAIN no coffee....this time only took 1 call to guest services, but what a fight for something that should have been left by the staff everyday. Also, beware-- a 100.00 per day "incidental" fee is charged as a "pending charge" to your credit card at the beginning of your stay. When we called to see why the charge for our room was almost 3 times what we expected, this is when we were finally told about the "incidental charge". While this was not an issue for us as far as maxing credit limit on our card, it could be a real issue for others with limited budget for their vacation. Immediately upon arriving in the room, a message was on the phone telling us to contact the concierge desk if we need anything. What a joke! Concierge desk is not even a part of the hotel, which they are quick to point out to you if you happen to ask for anything other than golf reservations or show tickets. Lobby Ambassador, another "helpful individual" that we were instructed to speak to about the issues we were having, did nothing more than direct us to the front, what a help that was! We always had enjoyed our stays at this hotel before, and do expect some issues with every stay at a hotel, however, combining poor hotel room, lack of basic services, and low quality customer service, we can honestly say this will be our LAST stay at the Flamingo.

  • Hotel wasn't what I expected.


    I did not appreciate being stopped every time i got on or off the elevator by sales people trying to get me to buy into their property. this was extremely ...

    I did not appreciate being stopped every time I got on or off the elevator by sales people trying to get me to buy into their property. This was EXTREMELY annoying and would make me give a second thought to staying at the Flamingo again! The rooms although booked as updated still need improvement in the bathroom. The shower head was hanging funny and showing plaster and the toilet was leaking around the floor.

  • Ruined my vacation! :-(


    I stayed at the flamingo the weekend of april 6-8th 2012 for a bachelor party. i was not impressed with the hotel choice since it is a little run ...

    I stayed at the Flamingo the weekend of April 6-8th 2012 for a bachelor party. I was not impressed with the hotel choice since it is a little run down but decided to stay there since everyone wanted to save a little money. This experience has only solidified the concept of you get what you pay for. On Saturday April 7th the group had plans to dress up for dinner and drinks so I contacted the bell desk about having a suit pressed. We were informed that if it was picked up from our room before 9am it would be dropped back off between 6-9pm. We went up to our room filled out the dry cleaning form, put our clothes into the laundry bag and called the bell desk for pick up. This is where I made my biggest mistake, I decided to have a PRADA suit pressed by the Flamingo. My friend was having Calvin Klein dress pants and a button down shirt dry cleaned as well. The bell desk sent up someone to our room and picked up our dry cleaning. Around 5pm we went to the bell desk to pay for the dry cleaning. We did not put a credit card on file that was approved for extra room charges so we wanted to pay for the dry cleaning charges. This is where we discovered that our room number had been written incorrectly on our slip. The number written on our slip was 2094 (that room number does not exist) and we were staying in room 24094. The dry cleaning slip is a carbon copy receipt with a white, pink and yellow copy. You take the pink, and you put the the other copies in the bag. We had the pink copy, the bell desk had the white copy (which had our correct room number scribbled on it, meaning someone had figured out what the correct room was) and I assume the yellow copy was with the clothes. He said earlier they had not know what room the clothes belonged to and he was having a hard time locating the dry cleaning order. This is why this situation is frustrating: - The room number was written incorrectly on the slip, however they picked it up from our room (they have the room number!) and our name was written on the same form so they should have looked up the room by name. I highly doubt another person with the same name was at the hotel. - If you cant figure out where clothes belong simply hold onto them. I am sure if someone sent dry cleaning out they will come looking for it. Put it at the bell desk with all the other dry cleaning that is being picked up. We had a pink receipt to match the others so they could prove our ownership. - The Bell Desk thinks that maybe the clothing items were sent out to their laundry facility meaning even if the room number was correct it would have not been returned. It should have NEVER left the property, we requested same day service. - They also think whoever was sent up from the bell desk that picked up the items misplaced them somewhere. How does this even happen? You pick something up you drop it off. - We had to talk to the bell desk and then wait for their call, then wait for a security officer to file a security report, then follow up the next day, then call risk management, then wait. There is not one person I can contact to have help me. I did not make a mistake, THE HOTEL DID so please dont make me call and track down excessive amounts of people for YOUR MISTAKE. - I checked in Sunday (4/8) twice at the hotel and then called Monday (4/9) and Tuesday (4/10) to check in. They promised that R T Germain of Risk Management would follow up within 24 hours of the security report being filed. I understand that he might be extremely busy but he needs to call in the 24 hour period and say, "We are taking this matter seriously and I need more time to investigate." He has not followed up or returned my 2 messages in the 3 days since it happened. - I get that mistakes happen but I have gotten the runaround and no one has sympathized or tried to make me feel like they actually want to find my things. Everyone has acted like I am a giant burden on them. I just want my stuff back so I can never have to deal with Flamingo Hotels or their affiliates ever again. DONT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AS ME. JUST PAY MORE MONEY AND STAY SOMEWHERE THAT ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT CUSTOMERS! IT IS WORTH THE MONEY!!!

  • It wasn't bad, but could have been better


    When i arrived at the flamingo, the desk clerk was extremely helpful and friendly. he gave me an "upgrade" to one of the rooms that had recently been remodeled (as ...

    When I arrived at the Flamingo, the desk clerk was extremely helpful and friendly. He gave me an "upgrade" to one of the rooms that had recently been remodeled (as part of the overall remodeling of the hotel/casino that will be completed this year). The room had a nice, modern look to it and was very clean. The bed was large - king size, but the mattress was extremely hard and the sheets were rather thin. The bathroom was clean and the thermostat worked well. Even with the renovations, one could tell that the room was rather old, but the changes made it more "livable". The television left much to be desired as there were not a lot of channels to choose from, but I guess if one is in Vegas the last thing they would be expected to do is to watch TV. The room was located quite some distance from the elevator - arguably, at least 1 1/2 city blocks, but for someone who enjoys walking, that's not bad. Amenities were readily available downstairs in the casino - food, drink, entertainment - which helped make up for the paltry TV programming. Finally, the hotel charged exorbitant amounts for Internet and usage of the "Business Center" - $14/day for room Internet access, $7/hour for Business Center Internet access, and $0.50/page for printing. Given the fact that few people used the Business Center when I was there (I was the only one using it one day, and no one was there other days when I passed by), perhaps the hotel should consider offering that as a free amenity to guests. With regard to Internet access, pricing should be more in line with what one would pay at other hotels (e.g. ranging from complimentary access for people staying there to approximately $7/day). The best part about staying in the hotel was the staff and service; I needed a blanket early on, and a housekeeper went and found one for me after she had thoroughly cleaned my room (and before moving to clean the next one). I felt welcomed by the staff during my stay. Overall, it was an average experience; some things were really good, but there is room for improvement. I would consider staying there again, as long as I could (a) secure several blankets upfront to cushion the bed, (b) did not need to access the Internet or print any documents, and (c) requested a room slightly closer to the elevator.

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