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Nan Jing Road

One of the two major commercial streets in Shanghai (in addition to Huai Hai Road), Nan Jing Road spans 5.5 kilometers east to west. There are more than 600 shops and shopping centers, covering both sides of the road. Once the premier shopping street, it has undergone a total renovation in recent years. New shopping centers have been erected and a large section on the eastern side has been pedestrianized. There are some first class hotels scattered along the road including the Peace Hotel, and the Portman. In the evenings, the street is illuminated.

Transportation is convenient as visitors can catch the metro at various points along the road.


Oriental Pearl TV Tower

+86 (0)21 5879 1888

2 Lujiazui Road

Lujiazui Metro or sightseeing Bus No. 3

Admission Charged.

Standing 468 meters high, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower is one of the highest towers in Asia. Tourists may climb the tower for panoramic views of the city. The ground floor features a shopping area, café, and an international city exhibit. It also offers deluxe conference rooms that have hosted leaders and VIPs from around the world. On clear days, the upper levels of this tower, measuring no less than 263 meters in height, offer spectacular views.


Yu Gardens

This area includes the streets around Fuyou Street, Dongtai Lu and Henan Lu.

+86 (0)21 6326 0830

Admission Charged

The 400-year-old Yu Gardens were built in the Ming Dynasty during the reign of Emperor Jia Jin. Recognized as a significant national heritage site, the Gardens are a remarkable representation of a southern Chinese-style garden. Visitor highlights include the Jade Exquisite:  one of the three most famous jade stones in East China. A bustling  shopping bazaar has developed around the attraction


Huai Hai Road

Built in 1901, the six-kilometer-long Huai Hai Road commemorates the Huai Hai Battle during Liberation. Today, this road has become synonymous with what is trendy and fashionable in Shanghai. While the stretch between Shan Xi Road and Xi Zang Road is the busiest section (and best for people-watching), this commercial street contains more than 400 shops, restaurants and businesses. The remnants of French architecture give the street its cosmopolitan charm. Many nearby attractions add to its appeal, including the proximity of Doctor Sun Yat-sen Former Residence and Memorial Hall.


Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

+86 21 6318 4477

This museum has five floors that detail the ambitious plans of Shanghai's urban planners. Visitors are provided with a glimpse of how Shanghai will look in 20 years. The centerpiece on the third floor is a huge model of the city as it is now. The map on the first half floor, outlines the districts scheduled to be cleared for new construction.  Green areas are marked. In the basement, a model of old Shanghai is on display,  with house entrances, cobble stone ways, and operating shops and teahouses.


Shanghai Art Museum

325 Nanjing Xi Lu (at Huangpi Bei Lu),

Shanghai, China.

+86 (0)21 6327 2829

Admission charged.

The Museum occupies a heritage building, that once overlooked a racecourse. It is at the northwest corner of People's Park. There are twelve exhibition halls on five floors showing modern and traditional fine art. The permanent collection includes paintings, calligraphy, and sculpture, but its rotating exhibitions have favored modern artwork. There is a museum store, café, and a rooftop restaurant.


People's Square (Renmin Guang Chang)

People's Square (Ren Min Guang Chang) is a vast public square surrounded by government buildings. Truly an urban park, it features manicured greenery and, at its heart, the architecturally impressive Shanghai Museum. Other features include a 320-square-meter water fountain, subway station and an underground shopping mall. Because the square attracts many people, it makes an ideal venue for people watching. Add a carefree afternoon of kite flying.   Kites are available at the square.


Shanghai Links Golf & Country Club

+86 (0)21 5897 5899

This luxurious golf course is a 40-minute taxi ride from downtown Shanghai.


Great World Entertainment Center

Huangpu district Tibet south road

+86 (0)21 6374 6703; +86 (0)21 6326 3760 ext 40

Admission Charged

The Great World Entertainment Center ranks among the oldest entertainment establishments in Shanghai. In existence since the 1920s, it used to cater towards the decadent tastes of some of the colonial settlers during that period and once housed a brothel and a gambling casino. Today, the entertainment is far more wholesome. Performances vary from Chinese gong fu to folk dancing to acrobatics and Beijing opera. A section for children’s entertainment keeps the children happy.


Shanghai Museum

+86 (0)21 6372 0276

Admission Charged

This museum boasts 120,000 Chinese art pieces and archeological findings. Permanent exhibits feature bronzes, ceramics and paintings, among other artifacts. Other facilities include a library with 20,000 books, a conservation laboratory and a lecture room. There is an impressive gift shop on the first floor, a non-smoking teahouse and several antique and curio stalls. An audio tour is available in English and Japanese. The building itself is an architectural showpiece, resembling an ancient tripod when viewed sideways. The rooftop with glassed dome is modeled on a Han Dynasty mirror.


Disc Go-Karting Club

+86 (0)21 6277 5641

Opened in 1997, this club features a spacious, 4,500 square-meter indoor track, so that speed racers get numerous chances to put their foot down on the gas pedal. Visitors can refuel and recharge at the trackside pub and cafe. Entry to the track is free, but there are costs to race.


Shanghai Grand Theater Gallery

+86 (0)6386 8686 ext 3103 or 3104

Formerly only showing the works of Shanghai's popular modern artist, Ting Shao Kuang, the Gallery now showcases a wider range of artists. It is a branch of the AA Gallery, which has established a solid reputation locally (main branch is at the Shanghai Center).

The Gallery aims at popular mainstream tastes rather than the avant-garde. Exhibitions change frequently. Located next to the Shanghai Grand Theatre and near the Shanghai Art Museum, it also sells original paintings and reprints of Chinese artists as well as foreign ones.


Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

158 Yincheng Bei Lu,

Pudong, China


Admission charged; children below 1.2 meters in height: free.

This new and modern indoor aquarium offers visitors a glimpse of life on the ocean floor. Access to the exhibits is through an entrance resembling an Inca Temple. Schools of colorful fish are viewed against a backdrop of themes, such as a sunken pirate ship, mountain stream and rainforest. There are penguins and species representing all 12 of the Chinese zodiac animals.  The aquarium features a touching pool, and tanks housing unusual crustaceans, sea horses, corals and anemones. The deep ocean and sea floor exhibit brings visitors face-to-face with sharks, sea snakes and other marine life.


Shanghai Library

+86 (0)21 6445 5555

This fairly new library is ranked among the ten largest in the world. It seats 3,000 readers and houses over 13 million books, newspapers, journals, rare Western books, family trees, correspondences, and stone inscriptions. It is also honored as one of the ten symbolic cultural buildings in Shanghai.

Technologically innovative, the library is the first in China to have an advanced information management system where coverage, cataloguing, circulation, continual publication and inquiry are done by computers. The library also provides online service for surfing the Internet or checking e-mail.


Jade Buddha Temple (Yufo Si)

170 Anyuan Road, Shanghai, China


This is one of the most venerated temples in Shanghai.  Famous for its white jade Buddha, the temple was built in 1882 when a Chinese monk brought the figure from Burma.  There are three ornately decorated main halls.  The highlight is the Jade Buddha Tower where the bejeweled white Buddha is displayed.  The massive figure weighs more than a ton. 


Bund Museum

(Waitan Bowuguan)

Unit A, 1 Zhongshan Erlu (The Bund)

Shanghai, China

No Phone

Open Daily 9-5

Admission Free.

The white and red observation tower has watched over the Huangpu River since 1884. The base, now home to this tiny museum, was built 19 years earlier. Photos along the walls present the Bund's most famous buildings, both past and present.


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