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Taiwan Storyland

50 Zhongxiao Road, Section 1

(886-2) 2388-7158

 Recreation of a typical small Taiwanese town circa 1965 is displayed  in the basement of the technology-focused K Mall. This is the "Made in Taiwan" era of yesteryear, with a doctor's office, a classroom, a camera store, a general store, a cinema, a Black Cat bar, and  several restaurants.


The Taipei Municipal Children's Recreation Center

(02) 2593- 2211 Ext. 211

No. 66, Sec. 3, ChungShan N. Rd

Taipei  104

Nearest Train Station Yuanshan

Neighborhood Chung Shan District

Opening Hours 9-5 Daily  Admission charged.  Credit cards not accepted.

The Center is built on the combined site of the former Yuanshan Zoo and Children's Amusement Park. Its name was changed to The Taipei Municipal Children's Recreation Center in 1984. In recent years there has been a complete overhaul and renovation of the park. 

It is a recreational center that provides education and amusement.  The layout is amazing with much attention to detail. 

The Center is divided into three theme areas with different characters: "World of Yesterday", "Amusement World" and " World of Tomorrow".


The World of Yesterday offers visitors the life experience of the ancestors. It was officially opened to the public in January 1st 1991. It is sub-divided into:  The Mythical World; a children’s play area, a folk art/handicrafts area, a folk arts culture area, and the Yuanshan Archeological Site Exhibition room.


Amusement World focuses mainly on the recreational activities of children and teenagers and has a number of amusement park rides that appeal to these age groups.


The World of Tomorrow emphasizes the introduction of updated scientific knowledge. The Space Theatre was opened to the public in August 1992. The area contains:  the space theatre; a  parent and children’s fun area, a children’s science exhibition floor, and a “take a break” rest area.   


These three areas present different styles and features of "folklore", "amusement" and "science".



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