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Known as the “friendly city”, it is said that Perth enjoys more sunny days than any other place in Australia.  Perth is only six miles from the Indian Ocean, and less than an hour from numerous National Parks and natural bushland. At the same time, it is a city of soaring skyscrapers that form an impressive wall along the Swan River.  In the distance, the magnificent mountains of the Darling Ranges rise from the coastal plains.  From the attractively landscaped , bustling business district to the fabulous mansions on “Milllionaire’s Row” to the leafy suburbs and on to Lake Monger and the Swan River where the black swans make their home, the city of Perth is an enchanting place.


Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is a cosmopolitan city with the charm and intimacy of a small town. Perth offers an abundance of attractions, a sunny climate and a friendly and hospitable atmosphere.


The city and surrounding area offer a wide range of dining choices from southern European alfresco cafes to a complete array of Asian cuisines and everything in between.  Many restaurants serve local produce and fresh seafood.  Perth is a short distance from the Indian Ocean and the main port of Fremantle, a delightful fishing town full of culture, history, and great shopping.  The area’s public transportation system is excellent.  It is easy to board a bus, a train, or a ferry to just about any part of the city or the surrounding towns in minutes.  Travel within the city centre is free.


Must see attractions include: King's Park that offers a view of Perth skyline with the sunset reflecting off the glass skyscrapers.  Perth Zoo, Burswood Casino, Perth Mint, Adventure World, AQWA walk through aquarium with a seal exhibit. Pioneer Village. Perth's many museums. Perth Institute of Contemporary Art are all attractions that are not to be missed. 


The beaches are lovely, and there are waterparks in which to splash on a warm day.   Caversham Park is unique with its interactive wildlife exhibits and camel rides that will be a highlight of any excursion with children. Numerous sports and recreational facilities are available throughout the area and include snorkeling, boat cruises, parasailing, and kayaking. 


Rottnest Island is an island paradise that is the scene of some of the world’s best beaches and bays that remain in their natural state.  It is a popular spot for fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, and swimming.  A day trip by ferry from Victoria Quay in Fremantle is a possibility. 


Perth is home to the elegant Black Swan. In the 1960s The Swan River Trust was established to ensure that the waters it inhabits will remain clean and clear. There are numerous walkways and tracks around the river and shore areas, and the river is safe for swimming. 


Perth’s wine and gourmet food region is just 30 minutes away and easily accessible by road or via the Swan River.  Perth’s shopping center lies between William and Barrak streets.  It is a delightful maze of arcades, plazas, and elevated walkways. 


Perth is a city of unlimited possibilities for those traveling alone, in a group, or as a family.  It is a place of beauty and refinement, and it is a place to have fun!


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