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Population:  993,386

Time Zone:  UTC/GMT +1 hour  (+ 1 more hour from the end of March-the end of October for Daylight saving time).  The time is 6 hours ahead of Eastern Standard or Eastern Daylight Time.  When it is noon in New York City, it is 6PM in Naples.


Average Temperatures:










































When to Visit: 

Naples experiences late summer heat waves and vacationing crowds. . Any other time of year is less congested and has a more temperate climate.  Summer is also the worst time for ascents to Vesuvius as the best visibility occurs around spring and fall  In winter, the temperatures are and rain is  rare. The best times are May-June and September-October. Due to the temperate climate, bougainvillea and other flowers can bloom through Christmas, and swimming is possible (though less popular from October-May) year-round. August, when much of the population is on the move, especially around Ferragosto, Vacations are usually taken around the time of the August 15 national holiday.  In August,  cities are deserted and many restaurants and shops are closed.



National holidays include

New Year's Day (January 1)

Epiphany (January 6)

Easter Sunday and Monday (dates vary)

Liberation Day (April 25)

Labor Day or May Day (May 1)

Festival of the Republic (June 2)

Assumption of Mary, better known as Ferragosto (August 15)

All Saints' Day (November 1)

Immaculate Conception (December 8)

Christmas Day and Boxing Day (December 25 and 26)

In Naples, two annual celebrations are held at the Duomo on the first Sunday in May and on September 19 to celebrate the Festa di San Gennaro.



The country code for Italy is 39. The area code for Naples is 081. For example, a call from New York City to Naples would be dialed as 011 + 39 + 081 + phone number.

When dialing an Italian number from abroad, do not drop the initial 0 from the local area code as in the past.


Directory & Operator Information

For general information in English, dial 176. To place international telephone calls via operator-assisted service, dial 170 or long-distance access numbers.


International Calls

The country code for the United States and Canada is 1; for Australia, 61; for New Zealand, 64; and for the United Kingdom, 44.



In 2002, laws were enacted in Italy banning smoking in many public places, including bars and restaurants. Some smokers comply with the new rules; others don’t.  Large restaurants are more likely to be smoke-free.  If you are a smoker, check to see if there's a "Vietato Fumare" (No Smoking) sign before lighting up. All FS trains have no-smoking cars: always specify when you make reservations.


Getting There

By Air

Domestic flights from Rome and other major Italian cities fly into  Aeroporto Capodichino, Via Umberto Maddalena (tel. 081-7896259), 6km (3 3/4 miles) north of the city. A city ANM bus (no. 14) makes the 15-minute run between the airport and Naples's Piazza Garibaldi in front of the main rail terminus. Flying time is 1 1/2 hours from Milan, 1 1/4 hours from Palermo or Venice, and 50 minutes from Rome.


By Train

Frequent trains connect Naples with the rest of Italy. One or two trains per hour arrive from Rome, taking 2 1/2 hours. It's also possible to reach Naples from Milan in about 8 hours.

The city has two main rail terminals: Stazione Centrale, at Piazza Garibaldi, and Stazione Mergellina, at Piazza Piedigrotta. Most travelers will arrive at Stazione Central. For general rail information, call tel. 892021 toll-free in Italy.

Almost all trains to Naples stop at Stazione Centrale (Piazza Garibaldi, 848/888088.)


By Car

Driving to Naples is easy, but  driving in Naples is a challenge. The Rome-Naples autostrada (A2) passes Caserta 29km (18 miles) north of Naples, and the Naples-Reggio di Calabria autostrada (A3) runs by Salerno, 53km (33 miles) north of Naples.


By ferry

From Sicily, you can take a ferry to Naples that's run by Tirrenia Lines, Calata Marinai d'Italia, Porto di Palermo (tel. 199-123199 or 091-6021111) in the port area of Palermo.


Getting Around  

Public Transportation:  The Metropolitana (subway) line runs from Stazione Centrale in the east to Stazione Mergellina and even beyond to the suburb of Pozzuoli. Get off at Piazza Piedigrotta if you want to take the funicular to Vómero. The Metro uses the same tickets as buses and trams.

Trams and subways are the safest and fastest mode of transportation during rush hours. 

The other urban subway system, Metropolitana Collinare, currently links the hill area of the Vomero and beyond with the National Archaeological Museum and Piazza Dante. Construction is under way to extend the route to Piazza Garibaldi.  Subway information is available from FS at (848/888088).



Negotiate the fare before setting out as cab drivers in Naples often disregard the meter and the shortest routes. 


Funiculars take passengers up and down the steep hills of Naples. The same tickets are used for buses,  the Metro and the funicular.


By Train  

  A network of suburban trains connects Naples with several points of interest. The line used most by visitors is the Circumvesuviana (081/7722444) which runs from Corso Garibaldi Station and stops at Stazione Centrale before continuing to Herculaneum (Ercolano), Pompeii, and Sorrento. Frequent local trains connect Naples with Caserta and Salerno. Travel time between Naples and Sorrento on the Circumvesuviana line is about 75 minutes. Benevento is on the main line between Naples and Foggia.


A second line, the Circumflegrea, runs from Piazza Montesanto Station in Naples toward the archaeological zone of Cumae, with three departures in the morning. The Ferrovia Cumana runs from Piazza Montesanto Station to Pozzuoli and Lucrino. For the archaeological zone of Baia, get the shuttle bus outside Lucrino station. Additional information is available from Circumflegrea and Cumana (081/5513328).


Business Hours  

Banks and Post Offices

Banks are open weekdays 8:30 to 1:15 and 2:45 to 3:45.

Post offices are open Monday through Saturday 9 to 1; central and main district post offices stay open until 6 PM weekdays, 9 to 2 on Saturday.


Museums and Sights

The main museums, such as Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Museo di Capodimonte, Palazzo Reale, and San Martino are now open through to the evening. However, many smaller private museums are only open from 9 AM to 1 or 2 PM. The opening times of archaeological sites are subject to seasonal variations, with most sites closing an hour before sunset. When this book refers to summer hours, it means approximately Easter to October; winter hours run from November to Easter. Most museums are closed one day a week, often on Monday. Always check locally.



The electrical current in Italy is 220 volts, 50 cycles alternating current (AC); wall outlets take Continental-type plugs, with two or three round prongs.  f your appliances are dual-voltage, you'll need only an adapter. Do not use 110-volt outlets marked "For Shavers Only" for high-wattage appliances such as blow-dryers. Most laptops operate equally well on 110 and 220 volts and require only an adapter.



No matter where you are in Italy, dial 113 for all emergencies, or find somebody (your concierge, a passerby) who will call for you, as not all 113 operators speak English.

Italy has a national police force (carabinieri) as well as local police (polizia). Both are armed and have the power to arrest and investigate crimes. Always report the loss of your passport to either the carabinieri or the police, as well as to your embassy



Most hotels have English speakers at their reception desks, and you can always find someone who speaks at least a little English. Remember that the Italian language is pronounced exactly as it is written.  Try to master a few phrases in Italian for daily use.



Prices in Italy are in line with those in the rest of Europe, with costs in its main cities comparable to those in other major capitals, such as Paris and Madrid Good value for the money can still be had in many places in Campania, especially in Naples.



ATMs are the easiest way to get euros in Italy. Italian ATMs are reliable, and are commonly attached to a bank rather than in supermarkets, etc.. Do check with your bank to confirm you have an international personal identification number, to find out your maximum daily withdrawal allowance, and to learn what the bank fee is for withdrawing money. The word for ATM in Italian is bancomat.



January 1, 2002, saw the introduction of euro coins and notes. The former local currency, the franc, ceased to be legal tender in mid-February, 2002. All transactions are now made in euros.

Euro notes come in denominations of EUR500, EUR200, EUR100, EUR50, EUR20, EUR10 and EUR5. The euro is divided into 100 cents, and coins are available as EUR2 and EUR1 and 50, 20, 10, 5, 2, and 1 cents. The euro can be used in 11 other European countries: Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain.


Value-Added Tax

Value-added tax (IVA, or VAT) is 20% on clothing, wine, and luxury goods. On consumer goods, it's already included in the amount shown on the price tag, whereas on services it may not be.



Tipping subsidizes low wages and shows appreciation for good service. In restaurants, a service charge of about 15% sometimes appears as a separate item on your check. A few restaurants state on the menu that cover and service charge are included. It is still customary to leave an additional 5%-10% tip for the waiter, depending on the service.


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