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International Music Weeks

Music Festival, Naples

A classical music festival known as International Music Weeks takes place throughout May in Naples. Concerts are held at the Teatro San Carlo, the Teatro Mercadante, and in the neoclassical Villa Pignatelli. For information, contact the Teatro San Carlo box office (PHONE: 081/7972331 or 081/7972412).



Maggio dei Monumenti (May of Monuments) is sponsored by the Council of Naples, with events occurring every weekend during the month. Each year the theme is slightly different. Included is a a series of guided walks through the historic district, even through the city's underground passages. Chamber music recitals, concerts, operettas, performances of classic Neapolitan songs, and even soccer matches and horse races add to the celebration.


End of June, beginning of July

Neapolis Rock Festival

Italsider di Bagnoli Via Coroglio 49

Naples, 80124

Tel: +39 0812404276

This annual music show has now been running for five years and has become very popular amongst rock music fans. It usually takes place at the end of June or the beginning of July, in the areas around Italsider di Bagnoli, and lasts for about a week.


Arts and Entertainment



Teatro San Carlo

Via San Carlo 98, across from the Galleria Umberto


Teatro San Carlo is one of the largest opera houses in Italy, with some of the best acoustics. Built in only 6 months for King Charles's birthday in November 1737, it has been restored in a gilded, neoclassical style. Grand-scale productions are presented on the 12,000 sq. foot main stage. October through May, the box office is open Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 3pm; June through September Monday to Friday 10am to 4:30pm (closed in August).



Via Tasso, 169

Naples, 80127

Tel: +39 081669480

Small, elegant theatre in the residential zone of Chiaia but close to the night life district.

The program varies with famous cultural works and interesting productions by small, local companies.


Teatro Augusteo

Piazzetta Duca D'Aosta

Naples, 80132

Tel: +39 081414243 +39 081405660

This Parthenopean theatre is situated very near the Via Toledo and the city centre, and is easily accessible on the funicular (ANM line Piazza Duca d'Aosta - Piazza Fuga).

Its stage regularly hosts celebrities from the world of cinema and television in a variety of performances:  classical and modern, comedy, musicals etc. The interior of the theatre was recently enlarged, and it now has a capacity of 1600.


Teatro Diana

Via L. Giordano, 64

Naples, 80127

Tel: +39 0815567527

11am-1.30pm, 4.30pm-8pm daily. 

This well known Vomerese theatre, was built in 1922, but opened to the public in March 1933.

Due to the successful performances, in a short time it was one of the most important theatres in Naples. In 1945 the roof was destroyed by bombs, and rebuilt by Gino Avena, one of the top architects of that time. In 1973 it was completely destroyed and rebuilt in only 6 months.

For the past 25 years, the Diana theatre has welcomed the best Italian actors: Vittorio Gassman, Adalberto Lionello, Enrica Blanc, Mariangela Melato, Aroldo Tieri, Giuliana Jodice, Pupella Maggio, Luca De Filippo, Rossella Falk, Nino Manfredi, etc.

Currently, this Neapolitan theatre has the highest number of subscribers and a growing audience which every day manages to fill 1800 seats.


Teatro Sannazzaro

Via Chiaia, 157

Naples, 80121

Tel: +39 081403827

Historical 18th century theatre, in the heart of Naples' old town, characterised by marvellous, rococo style architecture.

The  building has a large seating area with velour seats and a long series with boxes and mini boxes among which the central royal box stands out for its regal elegance. This theatre was the centre of theatrical activity for the famous Neapolitan comical actress, Luisa Conte and her company, much loved by the locals, for around 20 years. Since the actress's death, her place has been taken by the great young actress Lara Sansone who, together with the Sanazzaro theatre company, now brings to the stage the Neapolitan comedies of times gone by, a comedy which mirrors the heart of Naples' historical centre.


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