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Population:  143,000


Elevation:  305 feet


Location:  Kingston is located on NE corner of Lake Ontario, equidistant between Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto, the area’s three major cities.


Time Zone:                  Eastern Time Zone (when it’s noon in Kingston, it’s noon in New York City, 11am in Chicago, and 9am in Los Angeles).  Kingston observes Daylight Saving Time from April – October


Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time  (same time as New York City). Daylight saving April-October.  

Emergencies:  Call  911 for fire, police, or ambulance.



Average Monthly Temperatures:
























































Kingston has higher winter temperatures than Ontario’s capital city of Ottawa.  Summers are quite warm with considerable amounts of sunshine, averaging eight to nine hours a day.  Some snow usually covers the ground from mid-December until mid-March, but heavy snowfalls are rare. The precipitation averages between 2.4 and 2.9 inches per month year round.


Packing :  In winter, pack sturdy, waterproof boots, warm clothes that can be layered and a warm coat, gloves and hat.  In summer, pack light cottons, comfortable walking shoes, a sweater and lightweight jacket or windbreaker, sunglasses and a hat.  Be prepared with sunscreen for trips to the beach and waterfront.


National Holidays:


New Year's (January 1 and 2)

Good Friday

Easter Monday

Patriots' Day (second-last Monday in May)

Québec National Holiday (June 24)

Canada Day (July 1)

Labour Day (first Monday in September)

Thanksgiving (second Monday in October)

Christmas (December 25 and 26)

Government:  Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II is the Queen of Canada and Canada’s head of State. This means that the Queen is the formal head of Canada. The Governor General is the Queen’s representative in Canada. The Queen is also represented in each province by a Lieutenant Governor and by a Commissioner in the territories.


Useful Conversions of weights and measures

1 hectare            2.471 acres

1 inch               2.54 cm                                   

1 ft.                   30.48 cm                               

1 oz.                 28.57 grams

1 lb.                  0.454 kg                                

1 cm                 0.39 inches

1 meter 3.28 feet / 1.09 yards

1 km                 0.62 miles

1 liter                0.26  US gallons

1 inch               2.54 cm

1 foot                0.39 meters

1 yard               0.91 meters

1 mile               1.60 km

1kg                   2.2lb

1 gallon 3.78 liters


Currency:  The Canadian currency is in dollars.  There are one dollar coins  called “loonies” because of the loon depicted on the gold colored coin ; two dollar coins with a gold colored center and silver border   called “toonies” because they are equal to 2 loonies ; dime; nickel and penny.  The paper currency comes in denominations of $5; $10; $20; $50; $100.  The present exchange rate is between $1.42 and $1.50 Canadian for every US dollar.  Rates vary widely depending on where money is exchanged.  Banks give the best rate.  The easiest method of securing cash at the best exchange rate is to make withdrawals using a US credit card from the ATM machines found at the major banks and stores. 


Business Hours:  Banks are usually open Monday to Thursday 10am to 3pm, Friday 10am to 6pm. Most stores are open Monday to Wednesday 10am to 6pm and Saturday and Sunday 10am to 5pm, with extended hours  until 8 to 9:30pm  on Thursday and usually Friday.


Electricity:  It is the same as in the United States:  110 volts, 50 cycles, AC.


Email retrieval:  Many hotels have dedicated telephone outlets in the rooms for internet access.


Visitors with disabilities: Canadian Paraplegic Association National Office provides information about accessibility in Canada.   613/  723-1033.


Embassies/Consulates:  All embassies are in Ottawa, the national capital. US Consulate in Toronto is at 360 University Ave.   416/595-1700 .



Taxes:  The provincial retail sales tax is 8%; on accommodations it's 5%. There is an additional 7% national goods-and-services tax  GST .

In general, nonresidents may apply for a tax refund. They can recover the accommodations tax, the sales tax, and the GST for non-disposable merchandise that will be exported for use, provided it is removed from Canada within 60 days of purchase.


The quickest and easiest way to secure the refund is to stop at a duty-free shop at the border. You must have proper receipts with GST registration numbers, or you can apply through the mail.  It will take about 4 weeks to receive your refund. Pick up a rebate form at the registration desk of your hotel.


How to Get There

By Air


Air Canada

Norman Rogers Airport

1114 Len Birchall Way

Kingston, ONT, K7M 4M1



Airlines Serving Airport: Air Canada (Daily passenger and cargo service between Kingston and Toronto's Pearson International Airport with connections to Air Canada's global network.)


By Car


Kingston is easily accessible from the south from Highway 81, from the east and west from highway 401, and from the north from Highways 15, 16 or 17


By Bus


Greyhound Canada

Kingston Terminal

175 Counter Street

Kingston, ON K7K 6C7

Telephone for schedule.


Voyageur Bus Service


Provides bus service from Montreal and Ottawa


Via Rail


Trains come from Ottawa, Toronto and Montréal


Getting Around


Sited as being both thrifty and environmentally friendly, Kingston Transit is a good transportation choice. Many routes have been established, and service is available seven days a week. The 'Visitor's Day Pass' allows unlimited bus travel for the day, as well as special deals at several of Kingston's attractions.


Immigration and customs formalities


Visitors from any country except the United States must carry a valid passport. American citizens need only proof of citizenship such as a birth certificate and an identity card that includes a photo. Visas are required for visitors from certain countries. It is always advisable to check with the Canadian consulate or embassy before setting out for Kingston.

Telephone tourist information from the US or Canada at 800-668-2746 or contact Canada customs 905-254- 6043.


Side Trip to Wolfe Island (Thousand Islands)

Wolfe Island is the largest of the 1000 Islands in Eastern Ontario. It is a long, irregularly shaped island, having numerous small bays running into it. Wolfe Island is well settled, and contains some good farms. At the present there are over 1300 full-time residents, but that number doubles in summer. Wolfe Island is located at the entrance of the St. Lawrence River between Kingston, Ontario and Watertown, New York. On the east is the St. Lawrence River; on the west is Lake Ontario. It is accessible by ferry from both Canadian and American ports and is connected to Kingston, Ontario year round by a free 20 minute ferry ride.


The Wolfe Islander III is in operation all year.  It holds approximately 55 cars and 330 passengers per trip.

Crossing Time = 20 minutes    Rates = Free

For more information call Ministry of Transportation: 
(613) 548 7227

The Wolfe Island Ferry operates from the Marysville Dock (summer) from ICE OUT to ICE IN at which time it moves to the Dawson Point Dock (winter). Low water conditions in the village can cause an earlier departure of the ferry to the winter dock.

Ferrying to the Island has a long history. In 1904, Wolfe Island bought the original Wolfe Islander; in 1946, the Ontario government bought the Wolfe Islander II and in 1964, the province assumed ferry control and initiated free highway access.


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