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SNUBA and not Scuba
This cross between scuba diving and snorkeling is a wonderful experience for children and adults alike. Because you are tied to an inflatable raft that holds your oxygen tank you can enjoy the same experiences as scuba diving. Any person can do this because no certification is required. For the best experience, don't forget to bring some food along to feed the fish. Anything from squid to breakfast cereal will do.

Atlantis Submarine
Why not, it should! Which child doesn't want to get up close and personal to hundreds of rainbow colored tropical fish without having to step foot in water. If lucky, one may get to see a reef shark, a hawksbill turtle, a moray eel or a pair of spotted eagle rays. Who knows what one may see swimming next to them! What better way for a child to really enjoy the Cayman Islands than this underwater experience of a lifetime.

Take a Glass-Bottom boat to Stingray City
This is definitely a must-see for children and families visiting these islands. World famous for its stingrays, children are able to hold and feed these puppy-like creatures with safety all while in waist height water a half-mile from shore-line. This is the only place in the world where you can do this.

Cardinal D's Park is for the children
Another popular attraction is Cardinal D's Park, which is located five minutes from George Town and Seven Mile Beach. This park is home to over sixty species of exotic birds, Cayman parrots, blue iguanas, agoutis, whistling ducks, emus, miniature ponies, and too many other local animals. Children can enjoy the many sites of the local animals that are found in these islands as well as interacting with some of these animals.

Pedro St. James
This is a must for any child that is visiting these islands. This natural landmark features a visitor center and a 24-minute video reviewing 200 years of local history, complete with live special effects. Children can relive the memories of early settlers of this castle.

Pure family entertainment - Bowling on Grand Cayman
The newly constructed Stingray Bowling Center offers a fun-filled atmosphere with pure enjoyment for children as well as adults alike. Children are sure to enjoy themselves with Cayman's newest sport. This 10-lane center boasts user-firendly Qubica Automatic Scoring, a computerized scoring system that takes the guesswork out of score keeping. Children are sure to enjoy glow bowling to the latest dance music, bowling birthday parties and learn-to-bowl sessions. Call 345-945-4444.

Take a cruise back in time with The Jolly Roger
This experience is sure to bring the child out of everyone. Be a part of the action and take a ride aboard this authentic replica of a 17th century Spanish galleon fully equipped with cannons that fire, walking the plank, and sword fighting. Remember to bring your swim gear.

Local Traditions
The National Museum is a local one-of-a-kind experience for any child. Tons of pictures, underwater relief maps, old coins, stuffed birds and short films put the Cayman Islands into a unique perspective. top

Turtle Farm
The Cayman Islands Turtle Farm is home to more that 14,000 Green Sea Turtles, also known as "Las Tortugas" or "Buffalo of the Sea". Which child wouldn't want to hold a tiny little green turtle or to pet a 400 pound hawksbill turtle? Both unique and educational, the Turtle Farm offers visitors the opportunity to leisurely view the working of an actual operating farm. From the tiniest hatchlings to the massive adults swimming in the one-million gallon breeding pond, the Farm is a constant hive of activity.

Besides the Green Sea Turtle, the Farm is also home to Loggerhead, Hawksbill and Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtles. When Christopher Columbus first discovered the islands in 1503, he named them "Las Tortugas", meaning The Turtles. Apparently, there were so many turtles the islands looked like they were covered with rocks! The Cayman Islands Turtle Farm boasts one of the island's largest and most unique gift stores. Educational children's gifts, books, jewelry, novelties and amazing pictures are all here. Conservation

If you wish to assist with the Farm's conservation goals, you can sponsor the release of a Yearling green Sea Turtle. You will receive a special certificate in recognition of your contribution. Turtles are usually released once a year around the end of October.

Day and Night Camps

O2b Childz
O2B CHILDZ FUN ZONE is the first air conditioned, indoor children's play area in the Cayman Islands. The FUN ZONE is 1,600 square feet full of play equipment, a toddler area, ride-on games, a large party room and small cafe. O2B CHILDZ provides a safe and stimulating environment where children feel free to enjoy themselves. Children of all ages are welcome but there are some height restrictions on the play equipment. Children under the age of 12 are guaranteed to find tons of fun things to do at O2B CHILDZ! Call 345-946-5439.

O2b Childz Fun Zone and Silver Thatch Excursions come together to present fun and educational summer programmes for your children to experience. Camp highlights include:

Red Sail Sports
Offers a full array of watersport activities for children and adults. With the introduction of the SASY program Supplied Air Snorkeling for Youth, children as young as 6 years old can now join diving partent on an ocean scuba adventure.

Smyles Play Time Paradise
It's play time in Cayman! At Smyles children enjoy the largest play area in Cayman in a colorful, positive environment. Whether it's climbing, walking sliding or just handing out, there is never a shortage of things for your children to do! Work your body, rest your mind. Smyles provides fun in a safe environment. Bring your children for hours of family fitness and fun. World Gym and Smyles exclusively offer the only play center where children can have an adventure while parents work out in the world-famous World Gym. Smyles offers the latest in children entertainment with games and fun stations by some of the world's leading children play area designers. Call 345-946-5800.

Mini Golf
Miniature Golf Course is an 18-hole course with a unique Jungle style theme including Elephants and Giraffes concrete not real and a waterfall, stream and pond that is challenging for children and adults alike! Miniature Golf Course is located in the Seven Mile Beach near the Hyatt Regency on West Bay Road and is open every day of the week.

Planet Arcadia
Cayman's all-inclusive video game arena features the latest video games, sports, martial arts, car, truck, boat and bike racing! At Planet Arcadia you'll also find: Science Fiction Games,Simulator Games,Pool Tables,Air Hockey , Pinball,Basketball Hoop Shot ... A snack counter is also provided offering a wide variety of cotton candy, hotdogs, frozen drinks, sodas, juices and popcorn. Planet Arcadia is located in Grand Harbour, Red Bay. top

Horseback Riding

Nicki's Beach Rides
There are tons of activities for children and parents alike in these islands. How does a 1 1/2-hour leisure family horseback ride along one of the many white-sand beaches sound? This is an experience that is sure to last a child a lifetime. If this sounds good then Nicki's beach rides is the thing for you. As one rider put it, "I learned a lot about the history of the islands; how the pirates buried gold here, and how the early settlers were a mixture of folks from Scotland, England, Wales and West Africa." We all know children like horses. What better way for a child to enjoy these islands than riding one of the many friendly horses. These rides are educational as well as enjoyable. Call 345-945-5834. Honey Suckle Trail Rides

Horses can be enjoyed by experienced or non-experienced riders. You can enjoy riding one of the unspoiled beaches of Cayman on a horse. Guided, personal attention is given to children on these rides across scenic trails with extremely gentle horses. All horses are trained in the United States. You can enjoy a sunset ride or have a full-day of fun riding in the sun! Call 345-947-7976 or 916-3363. Pampered Ponies Ltd.

Featuring first-class professionally trained big and beautiful horses! Walk, trot and canter the beaches and beach trails of Grand Cayman. Offering private rides, early-mornings, sunsets, and evenings under the moonlight. Pick-up at your accommodation is available! Please call 345-945-2262 or 916-2540.

Cayman Brac's Caves
It's well worth the trip to Cayman Brac if you want to see amazing caves on a tour of the island's many Heritage Attraction sites. Some of Brac Cave highlights include:
Peter's Cave offers a spectacular view overlooking the South Side bluffs. The Great Cave is an amazing formation of stalagmites and stalactites near the old Lighthouse out by the bluffs. The Bat's Cave, which is a well-lit, large cave where you may see some small bats "hanging out" in plain view.

Over the past 200 years the residents of Cayman Brac have sought shelter in these caves through some rare but severe storms that have crossed the islands. The caves also serve as home to a unique group of plant and animal inhabitants including small bats that feed on the insects.

Stingray City
One of the largest tourist attractions in the world, Stingray City is in 12 feet of water and mainly, but not exclusively, visited by scuba divers. The site was first noticed about ten years ago, when North Sound fishermen came to the calmer, shallower waters just over the reef to clean their fish. Soon they noticed stingrays, scavengers by nature, hanging around the boats inhaling any leftovers they could get their suckers on. Next, some particularly brave divemasters got in the water to hand-feed them, and before long the stingrays had become tame, almost pet-like. Today, you can swim under, over, and along with the rays. Their favourite food is squid, which you can feed them by hand. At Stingray sandbar, which is only waist deep, you can use a mask and snorkel and watch the rays swarm around you, brushing their velvety bellies against your hands and feet. This is the rays' way of begging for food. The rays have no teeth, but use a powerful sucking motion to draw in their food. Some nearly six-feet in diameter. Their only means of defense is a barbed tail.


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