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Late December through February

The Cresta Run
]With speeds of up to 85 mph, the drivers race down the ice canal head first on "skeleton" sleds. There are races or training runs daily. Dates back to 1885. Main events: Heaton Gold Cup, Curzon Cup, Grand National, Gunter Sachs Challenge Cup.
Instruction for beginners.    Demonstration event at the 1928 and 1948 Olympic Winter Games


Late December through February

Bob Run
The only remaining natural ice bobsled run in the world. Dates back to 1890.
Length: 1585 meters, with a maximum speed of 85 mph. Races or training runs daily in 2 and 4-man bobsleds, as well as skeleton sleds. Main events: Swiss and European championships, bobsled world championship, two Olympic Winter Games (1928/48)   Bobsled taxi rides for guests:  advance registration required


Late December through February

Curling Center Al Parc, 8 to 16 natural ice rinks. Scottish team sport - played for the first time on the continent in 1881 in St. Moritz. Training, matches or tournaments daily.



Zurück Festival
Musik Festival "Snow and Symphony"
Fr 23.03.2001
Engadin/St. Moritz



Mid January and beginning of August

Concours Hippique
International equestrian jumping tournament on snow; since 1958. An annual event with more than 100 horses participating. 15 tests, including skikjöring (a horse and rider pulling a skier). Summer Concours: since 1996. 15 international tests on the equestrian field in St. Moritz Bad, with a large special prize.



An old Engadine tradition: young people from the village, dressed in traditional garb and driving colorful old horse-drawn sleighs, parade through the snow-covered landscape to the neighboring village.


Last weekend in January

Polo On Snow
The world's oldest team sport - played with red balls on the white turf of the frozen St.Moritz lake; since 1985. 6 matches to 4 chukkers on three days.


Cricket On Snow
Cricket, the national sport of the Anglo Saxons, became popular in England 200 years ago. The first cricket tournament in history to take place on a frozen lake was staged in St. Moritz in February 1989.


The first three Sundays in February

Horse Races On Snow 
Horse races on a White turf have taken place on the frozen St. Moritz lake since 1907. Every race weekend there are short distance, flat, trotting and skikjöring events (skikjöring is a worldwide exclusive: a riderless horse tows a skier around the track)


First week in February

Gourmet Festival
The best chefs from all over the world inspire young talented chefs from St. Moritz hotel kitchen brigades. Multi-course meals with specialties from the chef's homeland are served. Climax: "Grand Gourmet Finale" on the frozen St. Moritz lake.


British Classic Car Meeting
Elegance and class in the Engadin alpine environment. Over 150 Old time and Classic Cars have a date in St. Moritz: "Concours d'élégance", motor rally; since 1994.


Late February

Greyhound Races
International greyhound races on the frozen St. Moritz lake.  The "Gold Rush": a tradition was brought back to life in March, 1988.


December, January, February

Ski Jumping
Ski jumping whithin the World and European Cup competitions. Olympic ski jump facility 90 meters long, "Falcun" jump 50 meters, "Spreret" jump 30 meters, boys' jump 15 meters. Main events: Christmas jumping, World Cup competition, World Cup jumping with Nordic combination.



Chalanda Marz
A very old Engadin tradition: The Engadin school children drive away winter with bells and songs.


2nd Sunday in March

Engadin Ski Marathon
Annually, one of the world's largest sport events with over 12'000 participants. 42 kilometers, cross country skiing from Maloja to Zuoz. Since 1969.


Winter Season

Hangglider Rides
Tandem flights with a hangglider. Start on skis with a certified pilot from the top of Corviglia. Landing is on the frozen lake below.



HTWZ High Altitude Training And Competition Center In St. Moritz
Ideal training conditions in the sparkling high altitude climate of St. Moritz. 400 meter Rub-Tan track and field facility, gym, track, rowing course, jogging paths, Good Training Center with medical care, etc. Bobsled run, ski jump facility, alpine and Nordic skiing, etc. (winter). Since 1968.


July and August

International Concert Weeks
With world-renowned orchestras, directors and soloists; since 1940.


2nd weekend in August

Windsurfing marathon with approx. 300 participants. On Friday a tandem marathon event with approx. 50 participants, and on Saturday, the singles marathon. Total distance of each race: 42 kilometers. An annual event since 1977. Windsurfing World Cup on the Silvaplana Lake, the only World Cup on an alpine lake (since 1994).


Summer Season

Wild Water River Rafting
Exciting river rafting adventure on the Inn River, the "King of the Alpine Rivers". One, two or three day excursions in a rubber raft, with a certified guide.

Inline Skating

First Saturday in July

Engadin Inline Skating Marathon

since 1996 (first Saturday in July).
From Maloja to S-chanf (41.195 kilometers) with speeds of up to 48 mph along the scenic Upper Engadin mountain lakes. Various training trails and Inline parks.


18 hole golf course (end of May to the beginning of October) in Samedan/St. Moritz. Over 40 tradition-rich tournaments are on the program every summer. Main events: St. Moritz Gold Cup, Heineken Cup.

Winter golf: with red balls on the "white greens" once every winter, an Upper Engadin Winter Golf Tournament.




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