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International Film Festival
This festival has been held for over 30 years. It features first release independent US and European films. It takes place at the Palais des Congrès 02/513-4130.

Antique Fair
The annual 10 day event is held at Brussels' Palais des Beaux-Arts in late January. It offers the best from antique dealers in Belgium and neighboring countries and is eagerly anticipated each year.

International Cartoon and Animated Film Festival
This festival is a world premier of feature length films and about 100 shorts produced in Belgium and elsewhere.

Chocolate Passion Fair
Held on St. Valentine's weekend at Place du Grand Sablon. The theme is chocolate.

Celebrated throughout Belgium with the largest and most popular celebration occurring one hour southwest of Brussels in Binche. The highlight is on Shrove Tuesday when the elaborately costumed local men dance in the town's central square.

Late April-early May:
The Royal Greenhouses
02/513-0770 at Laeken Palace near Brussels, with superb flower and plant arrangements, are open to the public for a limited period of about 10 days.

Festival van Vlaanderen
Brussels hosts this classical music festival, which continues until October.

The Queen Elisabeth international music competition
02/513-0099 is one of the most demanding events of its kind. The categories rotate: in 2000 the theme was piano; in 2001 voice and in 2002 violin

The Kunsten Festival des Arts
02/512-7450 is a month-long international celebration of contemporary drama, dance, and music.

Late May:
The Brussels Jazz Marathon
0900/00606 The last weekend in May brings jazz bands and enthusiasts to the stages all over the city for a series of concerts. Gigs and informal sessions in more than 50 clubs and pubs, plus outdoor concerts in the Grand'place and Grand Sablon featuring leading jazz musicians. One ticket for all events, includes free shuttle between venues and public transport.

Brussels 20km Run
Annual competition held in the streets of the capital on a Sunday in mid -May which attracts about 20,000 runners.

Battle of Waterloo
Every 5 years in mid-June the battle of Waterloo is re-enacted. The next scheduled re-enactment is in 2005.

Couleur Café
During the last weekend in June, world music, dance, rap and drums come together for a three day festival.

Late June or early July:
02/512-1961 takes over Brussels's Grand'place. It's a sumptuous and stately pageant reenacting a procession that honored Emperor Charles V in 1549. Book early.

Festival of Wallonia
Young Belgian musicians perform classical concerts throughout Brussels and Wallonia until October.

Foire du Midi
This huge, annual month long fun fair runs from mid-July on the Blvd. du Midi. Large crowds, a ferris wheel, roller coasters, Belgian waffles, are all part of the enjoyment of the event.

July 21:
Belgium's National Day
is celebrated in Brussels with a military March, followed by a popular feast in the parc de Bruxelles and brilliant fireworks.

August 9:
A procession of "giants" parades from the Sablon to the Grand -Place and a maypole is planted there.

A flower carpet, painstakingly laid out, covers and transforms the entire Grand'place of Brussels for two days. Even years only; next in 2002.

Every other year, the Europalia festival honors a different country with exhibitions, concerts, and other events amounting to a thorough inventory of its cultural heritage. In 2001 a country will be thus honored in Brussels and in other European cities .02/507-8550.

Les Nuits Botanique
A week of celebrating rock, international music and pop is held in the Botanique in mid-September.

2nd weekend in September:
On National Heritage Day on selected weekends in September 02/511-1840 buildings and monuments of architectural or historical interest throughout Belgium, that are not normally accessible to the public, are opened to all.

2nd weekend in December:
The European Christmas Market in the Grand'place in Brussels features the traditions and products of many different European Union countries.


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