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Cairo, Egypt City Info
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Cairo Attractions Chaar-Hachamaim Synagogue
The Chaar-Hachamaim Synagogue is one of Cairo's great hidden treasures. The synagogue features an interior of exquisite stained-glass windows that are believed to be from the 1900'sThe Jewish community sought refuge in Egypt, where they were regarded and protected as People of the Book.

Coptic Museum
Shara Mari Girgis
The museum features the largest collection of Coptic Christian artwork in Cairo. Dedicated to preserving the ancient trails of Christianity I Egypt. The museum features work from over a half millennium. The collections include pieces with a late-pharaonic/Greco-Roman style.

Egyptian Antiquities Museum
al-Mathaf al-Masri Maydan Tahrir
The world's largest collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts can be found within the walls of the Egyptian Antiquities Museum. Housing more than 100,000 items, you will have to be selective as to what exhibits you will tour. Two-hour tours are available and are led by official museum guides.

Gayer-Anderson Museum
4 Maydan Ibn Tulun
Also known as Bayt al-Kiritliya, the structure of the museums made up of two Ottoman houses joined together. It is a grand representation of Ottoman buildings. 18th-century merchant life is depicted in the museum. After spending some time in the museum, you will feel as if you have been transported to a different era.

Mosque and Madrasa of Sultan Hassan
Maydan Salah al-Di
Built by the Mamluk ruler Sultan Hassan, this mosque is world-renowned as one of the largest Islamic religious buildings. It is said that the stones surrounding the Mosque actually came from the pyramids at Giza. A topic of controversy among Muslims is the location of the mausoleum. The position of the mausoleum inadvertinly forces worshipers, who come to pray, to bow before the tomb of the sultan.

Mosque of Ibn Tulun
Shara Tulun Bay
Built in 879 by Ahmad Ibn Tulun this is only one of Tulun’s building projects. He also set up to build a new city, al-Qata'i, northwest of al-Fustat and al-Askar. Although extraordinary in its assortment of fine palaces, gardens – however, all that stands is the Mosque.

Museum of Islamic Arts
Countering the Coptic Museum, the Museum of Islamic Arts possesses the rarest and most extensive collection of Islamic art in the world. The collection focuses mainly on Egyptian artifacts, but there are also many exhibits that feature other Islamic world objects. One of the most unique and ancient objects found in the museum is the said to be the earliest Muslim tombstones (dating back to 635).

The Hanging Church
Shara Mari Girgis
Consecrated to the Blessed Virgin sometime in the 9th century. The church was originally placed upon the gatehouse of the Roman fortress. It is perhaps one of Cairo’s most impressive churches. Inside the church there is a marble pulpit that is considered one of he oldest existing pulpit in not only Cairo, but also Egypt.

The Khan
Since the end of the 14th century, the Khan has remained the most vital for commercial activity in Cairo. Winding streets and narrow passageways make up this shopping extravaganza. Bazaar, vendors, and small shops make up the setting of this district. Just about everything from carpets to perfumes to spices is sold her.

Child Museum
Science, technology, imagination, history all make up this incredible world for kids. The "Discovery Hall" is one section of the Activity Center. It features activities in which children can discover different elements from the environment, such as precious stones, fossils and shells. Next comes the "Handicrafts and Arts Hall. It displays the ancient artesanies and various crafts, such as drawing on wood or leather with paint and water colors, weaving on carpet looms, or painting on glass and cardboard. The "Know yourself" division allows children to investigate skeletons and the internal human body parts.

The Museum Park
The park surrounding the Child Museum flows with an abundance of trees and plant species. Information on every species is posted for children to read and compare as they tour the park. A Bird watching tour is also available. Here children can observe birds in their natural environment through the use of binoculars. Magnifying glasses are also used in a tour for children to observe the behavior of ants, bees and other insects.

Cairo Tower
Rising 187m above Gezira Cairo Tower offers a stupendous view of the pulsating city. Catch a panoramic vista of Cairo!

The Bent Pyramid
What makes this pyramid unique is that it rises more steeply (54.3°) than the Red
Pyramid or Giza pyramids. The explanation for its shape is unknown. Another puzzling fact is the two entrances, one on its west side as well as the more conventional one in its north face. Again, the reason is unknown – perhaps another mystery to solve!


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