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San José del Cabo is the municipal headquarters for the two Los Cabos towns, and the downtown area with its adobe houses and jacaranda trees still maintains the languid pace of a Mexican village, although bumper-to-bumper traffic often clogs the streets during weekday business hours. Most of the shops, services, and restaurants are located between Avenida Cárdenas and the waterfront.

Connecting the two towns, the Corridor has developed as a distinct destination with a number of legendary fishing lodges, exclusive resorts, and three championship golf courses. The highway has been widened to four lanes and is in good repair most of the time, but tends to flood occasionally between August and November.

The sportfishing fleet is headquartered in Cabo San Lucas, and cruise ships anchored off the marina dock so that passengers can visit the town. Trendy restaurants and bars line the streets, and massive hotels have risen on every available piece of land along the waterfront. To become acquainted with Los Cabos, take a short boat ride out to the natural rock arch and Playa de Amor, the beach underneath it.

There are few sites of cultural interest in any part of the area. The attractions are all in the nature of outdoor entertainment and relaxation.

Cabo San Lucas

El Arco
A spectacular natural rock arch at the point of intersection of the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean is visible from the marina and from some of the hotels, but is most impressive from the water.

Cabo Acuadeportes
Hotel Hacienda, Playa Médano
offers diving trips along with all other water sports. Also arranges whale watching tours along the shore.

El Faro De Cabo Falso
Lighthouse of the False Cape, built in 1890 and set amid sand dunes, is a little bit farther on from El Arco. You need a four-wheel-drive vehicle to reach the lighthouse by land. The best way to view it is from a boat ride on the water.


Playa De Amor
Playa De Amor is a secluded cove at the very end of the peninsula, with the Sea of Cortés on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other. The contrast between the peaceful cove on the Sea of Cortés and the pounding white surf of the Pacific is dramatic.

Playa Hacienda
Playa Hacienda in the inner harbor by the Hacienda Hotel, has the calmest waters of any beach in Cabo San Lucas and good snorkeling around the rocky point.

Playa Médano
Playa Medano just north of Cabo San Lucas, is the most popular stretch of beach in Los Cabos and possibly in all of Baja. The 2 mile long span of white sand is always crowded, especially on weekends.

Playa Solmar
Playa Solmar fringing the Solmar Hotel, is a beautiful wide beach at the base of the mountains leading into the Pacific, but it has dangerous surf with a swift undertow.

Most hotels will arrange fishing charters, which include a captain and mate, tackle, bait, licenses, and refreshments. Charter companies include Gaviota Fleet at marina, 114/3-04-30 or 800/521-2281; Minerva's at Marina And On Madero Between Blvd. Marina And Guerrero, 114/3-12-82, FAX: 114/3-04-40; Pisces Sportfishing Fleet at marina, 114/3-12-88; and Solmar Fleet Solmar Suites Hotel, Blvd. Marina, 114/3-35-35, 114/3-00-22, or 800/344-3349, FAX: 114/3-04-10; 310/454-1686 in the U.S..

The Corridor

Bahía Chileno
Baha Chileno an underwater preserve, which is inhabited with a variety of marine life and is a wonderful place for snorkeling and diving. Visitors must bring their own equipment.

Bahía Santa María
A picture-perfect white-sand cove protected by towering brown cliffs, has superb snorkeling, with hundreds of colorful fish swarming through chunks of white coral. A concession stand on the beach rents snorkeling gear. It does not keep regular hours, so plan alternative activities in case it is closed the day you are there.

Costa Azul
Costa Azul is the most popular surfing beach in Los Cabos. A few small campgrounds and casual restaurants line the beach facing the waves.

Jig Stop Tours
books fishing trips for several Los Cabos fleets.

Victor's Aquatics
FAX: 114/2-10-93
has a fleet on the Palmilla resort's beach.

San José del Cabo

City Hall
There is a small, shaded plaza beside the little yellow building that serves as the municipal center. There are a few café tables in front of small restaurants.

Iglesia San José
The town's church is located on a hill above the city hall plaza. The front of the building displays a tile mural of a captured priest being dragged toward a fire by Indians.

Los Lobos Del Mar
Brisas del Mar RV park, on the south side of San José, 114/2-29-83 provides kayak tours and rentals. The tours paddle along the Corridor's bays and are especially popular in the winter months when gray whales pass by offshore.


Playa Hotelera
Playa Hotelera is the stretch of beach that most of the finer hotels use. It's beautiful, but the current is dangerously rough, and swimming is not advised. At the east end of the beach, near the Presidente Inter-Continental, there is a freshwater lagoon filled with tropical birds and plants. One of the attractions to the birds is the abundance of insects for food. Visitors may ewact differently to the swarms of insects, and may wish to come prepared with a coating of insect repellent.

Playa Palmilla
Playa Palmilla is the best swimming beach near San José. It is protected by a rocky point just south of town. The northern part of the beach is filled with boats and shacks. Farther south is the Hotel Palmilla beach, a long stretch of white sand and calm sea.

Plaza San Lucas
Locals and travelers mingle at this large central plaza, with a white wrought-iron gazebo and green benches set in the shade. Buildings around the plaza house galleries and restaurants.

Estero de San José
Located at the end of the tourist area of San José del Cabo, this is where the freshwater Rio San José flows into the sea. The estuary is a natural preserve closed to boats. More than 200 species of birds can be seen here. A building on the edge of the estuary serves as a nature center with exhibits explaining the culture of Baja's indigenous people.


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