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  • January - New Years Day
    Like the rest of the world, New Year's is one of the biggest celebrations in Madrid. Up to 40 million people crowd into the Puerta del Sol and try to eat 12 grapes in sync to the big clock striking midnight. Those that successfully munch down their handful of grapes can expect good luck for the coming year. After midnight, the city blooms into a huge party that never seems to stop.

  • January 5th
    Like the rest of Spain, the people of Madrid celebrate the procession of the three Magi. The Magi stand as the Spanish alternative to Santa Claus by bringing gifts to children the next morning.

  • May 15th
    Fiesta de San Isidro is celebrated in honor of the patron saint of Madrid. This is one the best times to come to Madrid, as the city offers numerous concerts, theatre, and other forms of public entertainment. The best bullfights of the season are held at this time.

  • July and August
    Veranos de la Villa, (Summer in the Village) is held during this time in the town hall for a series of cultural events.

  • August 6th-15th
    Popular customs are displayed with traditional costumes and dances during the festival Verbena de la Paloma.

  • September
    The concert-houses and theaters wind up the season this month with their best performances

  • November
    Madrid holds its annual International Jazz-Festival. Also held this month are the traditional Fiestas de la Almudena.

  • December
    Plaza Mayor becomes the location for the traditional festival and judging of Christmas cribs.


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