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6 January Festival of the Three Kings is celebrated in Bavaria with children dressing the part and walking through the streets singing songs.
Fasching (Carnival) is also held at this time with celebrations, parties and fancy dress balls. This pre-Lenten revelry begins on  Sunday, January 7 and lasts for about 4-6 weeks, ending with Shrove Tuesday celebrations the day before Lent begins.

Mardi Gras (the Tuesday before the beginning of Lent) opens with the Market Women's Dance on Virtualienmarkt followed by celebrations throughout Munich.
February 12-14 Munich fashion Week
CBR holiday trade fair attracts thousands at the ICM fairgrounds.

19 March St. Joseph's Day is the start of the Starkbierzeit (Strong Beer season).
Politicians gather at the Nockherberg Paulaner Brewery to drink freshly tapped dark beer.
The International Crafts Fair is held with every type of craft represented.

Munich Biennale (held in odd years: 2001; 2003, etc.) presents new offerings in musical theater. Spring Festival begins on the Theresienweise. this is a Spring mini Oktoberfest.

1 May Auer Maidult, an 8 day celebration on Mariahilfplatz is a festival that features flea market treasures, antiques, and a wide variety of baked goods.
Thursday after Whitsun (8th Sunday after Easter): Feast of Corpus Christi begins at 8AM with a religious service on Marienplatz followed by a procession through the decorated streets.
BMW Open Bavarian Tennis championship matches.
Union Move is a techno demonstration that is held on a Saturday afternoon on Leopoldstrasse.

2nd weekend: Tollwood, an international festival of dance, theater, circus and cuisine which is held in the Olympiapark. Goes through second weekend in July.
end of June: International Film Festival

Munich's Open Festival is held throughout the month. It includes ballet, concerts, and recitals.
Art Open Air presents performances on Königsplatz throughout the month.
The Jakobidult summer market is held on Mariahilfplatz for 8 days.

Summer Festival is held in the Olympiapark with a fair and music ranging from classical to pop on the Olympia Lake Theatron stage.

Oktoberfest begins on the third weekend in September and lasts until the first Sunday of October. (Sept. 22- Oct. 7, 2001). It began as a horserace just outside the city gates celebrating the marriage of Bavarian crown prince Ludwig and Princess Theresa von Sachsen-Hildburghausen on October 12, 1810. The race was repeated in 1811 and an agricultural fair was added to the festivities. On both occasions the prince served beer to the attendees and a tradition was born. The meadow where the race took place was named Theresienwiese after the Princess. It is now usually shortened to "Wies'n" The huge folk festival begins on the last Saturday in September after a variety of parades and ceremonies and after weeks of preparation. Huge beer hall tents are in place, rides and carnival attractions have been installed,. and finally the Mayor of Munich taps the first barrel of beer in front of the crowd. He announces: "O zapt is!" (It's been tapped) and another Oktoberfest has begun. The festivities last for 15 days. During this time 6 million participants consume over one million gallons of beer.

The Herbstdult, the third market 8 day market festival of the year is held on Mariahilfplatz.

Christkindlmarkt: Starting at the end of November after the 1st Sunday in Advent, every evening at 5:30 classic Christmas music is played as a backdrop to the Christmas market on Marienplatz. St. Nick visits also.
Six day bicycle races are held in the Olympic Hall.

Christkindl markets continue throughout the city until Christmas.
Tollwood: The winter Tollwood festival is held near Hacker Bridge, behind the main train station.


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